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The Great Outdoors: Enjoying Some of Louisiana’s Best Gardens

When the state-wide stay-at-home order is lifted, consider visiting some of the best gardens southeast Louisiana has to offer. It will be a beautiful and welcome change of scenery while supporting our local economy. Longue Vue House and Gardens, located at 7 Bamboo Road in New Orleans, has a Discovery Garden for children, and there …

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Planting Prep For Spring

Signs of spring surround us with the seasonal rise of horticultural excitement in the form of plant seminars, regional plant sales and tours that have been scheduled nearly every weekend until summer. The following are steps for preparing an area to receive plants.  Step One: Remove unwanted vegetation within the desired bed or planting area. …

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Know Your Gardening Seasons

Gardening seasons in Southeast Louisiana are not neatly defined on the calendar as in other parts of the country. Our four seasons are known as first-warm, hot, second-warm, and cool, overlapped by transitional periods. Be mindful that the transitional months between the seasons can have varying higher and lower than average temperatures. Examples of this …

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January and February Are Ideal For Roses

The beauty of roses has captivated people almost as long as they have walked the Earth. While there are several species of the genus Rosa, it is believed that the earliest known cultivation of roses began in China some 5,000 years ago. Since then, there have been numerous types grown for not only medicinal or …

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Rhizomes and Tubers and Bulbs – Oh My!

Many gardeners enjoy planting a variety of rhizomes, tubers and bulbs throughout the year. Collectively all of these plants are considered “bulbous.” Spring and summer bulbous ornamental plants are very popular in the South and are among the easiest flowers to grow successfully. Favorites include iris, amaryllis, caladiums, gladiolus, gingers, lily, spider lily and daylily. …

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