September 2018

September 2018 Enterprising Woman – Celeste Hart

Nurturing Talent with Confidence Growing up as a self-proclaimed tomboy in Slidell, the last thing Celeste Marcussen Hart thought she’d do was go to acting and modeling school, let alone own one. But when the fishing and sports enthusiast turned 18, her mom said a little “polishing” couldn’t hurt.  So in her first year at college, …

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Foodies & Friends – On Anniversaries

As journalists, those were our darkest days. There were no lights, no phones, no power—anarchy ruled the streets. Flames floated on water from broken submerged natural gas lines. Tall, black columns of smoke rose from burning, flooded buildings. Citizens roamed the elevated highways pushing shopping carts of children and possessions. It was eerie, dystopian. But …

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SOS is the morse code statement for distress. The letters have been defined by some people to mean SAVE OUR SOULS. The letters are not an acronym but an international signal of distress. Yes, this morse code signal from a ship might mean the ship is sinking, or it could mean that someone on board …

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