October 2017

November 2017 – Shannon Comeaux-Brown, DVM

Dr. Shannon Comeaux-Brown has a long history of comforting animals. As a child, she would sneak the family dog into her family’s home, despite her father’s insistence that animals stay outside. That compassion and empathy for animals led her to a career in veterinary medicine. After 17 years of practicing on the Northshore, Comeaux-Brown, who is […]

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Nothing left is what people feel after having their homes flooded or their hearts attacked by devastating news. Morris Goodman can related to losses. On March 10, 1981, his airplane crashed; as a result his body parts were inoperable. His neck was broken, his spinal cord, jaw and larynx crushed. He was unable to swallow

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How We Consume the News

Many Millennials are interested in consuming quality content efficiently and quickly, which results in real-time engagement that matters. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat—some of the most influential social-facing communication tools—have all made improvements in recent years that are shaping the future of news media and the way publishers and news outlets are distributing content to millennials. How

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