May 2017

A Multigenerational Approach to Senior Living- Avanti

LORI ALFORD, chief operating officer of Avanti Senior Living, has Louisiana hospitality in her DNA. Growing up as an army brat, she witnessed her parents — both of whom were born and raised in the Baton Rouge area — share their love of food, friends and family as they relocated throughout the country. In a …

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Joyful Cooking: In the Pursuit of Good Health

Joy’s new kitchen resource, “Joyful Cooking: In the Pursuit of Good Health,” provides more than 100 recipes for health-conscious cooks, along with with groundbreaking new information on the nutritional balancing program, a total healing system designed to restore and balance the body and the mind. With eight, easy-to-read chapters, this impressive new volume contains: Newly …

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The Dough on Grain

Did you know that, even without an allergy, gluten can cause inflammation in our bodies? New studies show that gluten is also linked to weight gain and obesity. Nowadays, grocery stores are carrying more and more gluten- free products, making it easier for people to avoid them altogether. Confused as to Which Gluten Free Grain …

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A Celebration of Life

My mother passed away. Her doctor said things that reassured us. Sunday, “Looks like she has made this determination for herself.” I like this empowering phrase. Perhaps her body had worn out but she still had power over her reactions. Monday, “All reasonable measures have been taken.” No more tests to take. No assessments to …

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WHEN I GET TO VISIT with my 3-year-old grandson Jet, he says, “Granma, take your shoes off.” When it’s time for him to go, Jet says, “But Granma, I want to stay here FOREVER!” And, I do too. I want to keep my shoes off and stay awhile longer listening to his small voice telling …

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The Talk

“MOMMY, WHERE DO babies come from?” “What?” It’s 5 o’clock and dinner is somewhere in the process of being cooked (or overcooked) and now, “Where do babies come from!?” “I don’t know.” Puzzled look. “How come you don’t know?” “Uh! OH!” I think. Until now, I knew everything. How to make kites fly. How to …

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