November 2015

Foodies and Friends

Something Old, Something New MY NORTHSHORE COUSINS and I rotate the Christmas Eve family celebration each year. This year it is my turn. My mind is swirling, already making list upon list, paging through worn cookbooks for the old, tried and true, traditional family recipes and perusing food blogs for bright new ideas. I begin

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THE CITY OF MANDEVILLE enthralls visitors and locals year-round with a multitude of public events and outdoor activities for the entire family. You’ll see families playing and exercising on the Mandeville Lakefront, concerts and markets at the Mandeville Trailhead and people dining and shopping in Old Mandeville. December is no exception to the months  of

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Fine Arts and Crafts at the Three Rivers Art Festival

  By Sarada Bonnett For 19 straight years, we have been south Louisiana’s premier venue for some of the nation’s finest artists to share their creations with tens of thousands of art lovers. Our festival features full-time, working artists who have spent years perfecting their craft. Each artisan handcrafts their work, ensuring that each of

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