December 2017

December 2017 – Angie Bowlin, M.Ed.

Virtually every parent can recall a time when they fought with their child over homework. No matter the age of the child, the subject matter or the school season, most memories are variations of the same scene—none of which are conducive to a healthy learning environment.  Angelia “Angie” Bowlin knows that scene all too well.

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No Trespassing

I am reluctant to say something of a more personal nature than I typically do; however, I am hoping that what you are about to read may in some way be pertinent to yourself—words that perhaps you need to hear—even or especially during this upcoming holiday season. I had a dream that I was standing

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A Modern Holiday

Every year when the Christmas season rolls around, the McQuaid home gets a makeover. Most of the year in this south Covington residence, the décor is focused on seascapes and natural materials. When December rolls around though, extra layers of soft colors and sparkling lights provide just enough glamour to make the season distinctive.  Homeowners Beverly

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Geofencing vs. Geotargeting: What’s the [EXPLETIVE] Difference?

More terminology? More data? More ads invading my “safe space?” And more businesses fighting for my precious dollars this holiday season! It’s the daunting reality of our world today for consumers and business owners.  So what’s the difference between geo-targeting and geo-fencing? And how does Target know that I like bananas, Pampers diapers and 1

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