October 2015—Liza Ledet

Unleashing Innovation in Pet Health WHETHER YOU LIVE in Old Mandeville or frequent it on a regular basis, you’ve undoubtedly seen people walking or running, sipping coffee or grabbing a beer or cocktail—many of them accompanied by their four-legged friends. Nestled along the main thoroughfare of this pet-friendly community, among historic residences, boutiques and restaurants, …

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July 2015—Amberleigh and Christina Carter

Back to Basics SIMPLICITY. PURITY. CLARITY. Sisters Christina and Amberleigh Carter do more than live by these words—they work by them as well. Because both women experienced certain health ailments as children that were exacerbated by prescription medications, their mother Bonita sought out alternatives. With the interest and support of their father Gary, their parents …

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January 2015—Dr. Candice L. Knight, Wellness & Wellbeing

Dr. Candice L. Knight may have come back to her native New Orleans after graduating from Yale in 2001, yet the past 12 months are what really mark her return home. After six years of practicing in a more traditional hospital setting, Dr. Knight has reignited her passion for holistic wellness with Knight Integrative Medicine. …

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