We’ve Got Spirits…Yes We Do!

September Means Sports! And sports means gatherings with friends and family…and tailgating before the game! Try some of our favorite gametime drinks that are sure to score big points before, during and after festivities.

Divas Drink Scotch

Joanne Gallinghouse’s Favorite libation was scotch. To celebrate her, we’ve come up with some smokin’, dazzling, marvelous and sophisticated whiskey drink potions…perfect for any diva!

Book Review – Ash Princess

“The Ash Princess” is the first book in a new young adult trilogy written by Laura Sebastian. It is set in a fictional land known as Astrea, ruled by the Fire Queen. Astrea is a land of magic that gains...

A Mother’s Story

Losing my son Jonathan on April 8, 2017 is the hardest thing my family has faced. What makes it all the more difficult is knowing his death could have been prevented. Jonathan was a freshman at LSU. He graduated from...

Tequila Cóctels For Your Cinco de Mayo

Make your May 5th festive with our favorite tequila concoctions. From spicy and savory to sweet and fresh, these colorful libations are sure to liven up any celebration! Pro tip: These spicy, cool cocktails are year-round favorites for any gathering!

Book Review – The Help by Kathryn Stockett

If you are looking for the perfect spring read, something uplifting and inspiring, The Help by Kathryn Stockett might just be the book for you. Set in the year 1962, three women team up, despite the risks, to write a...