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Did you know that, even without an allergy, gluten can cause inflammation in our bodies? New studies show that gluten is also linked to weight gain and obesity. Nowadays, grocery stores are carrying more and more gluten- free products, making it easier for people to avoid them altogether.

Confused as to Which Gluten Free Grain to Use?

Buckwheat Flour Many wonder if buckwheat is related to wheat- but the truth is that it is actually a relative of rhubarb! Who knew? It’s high in protein, calcium, and fiber while its flavor is earthy and bitter. Interestingly, this gluten-free grain , can stabilize blood sugar and offer cardiovascular benefits too. Try using this earthy grain for pancakes any time of day.

Almond Flour Plainly speaking, Almond flour or almond meal is just ground up almonds. It adds a slight hint of sweetness with its mild, nutty flavor. It’s also delicious as a breading for fish and chicken. Coconut Flour This flour is made of finely ground and dried coconut meat ! And guess what? You get the added benefit of fiber, protein and healthy fat. This dense flour is great for creating tasty waffles and pancakes.

Millet Flour Not just for the birds, this ancient grain, is believed to be the first domestic cereal grain. Containing important minerals and antioxidants, this food is a treasure trove of high content nutritious minerals and essential fats.

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