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WHEN I GET TO VISIT with my 3-year-old grandson Jet, he says, “Granma, take your shoes off.” When it’s time for him to go, Jet says, “But Granma, I want to stay here FOREVER!” And, I do too. I want to keep my shoes off and stay awhile longer listening to his small voice telling me things I can’t understand, which is likely how he hears me too—saying things that his mind can’t take in.

Much of what the news tells us is hard to hear. The way we can tolerate the uncertainty and the blur of change is to savor moments like it’s a forever time to visit, listen. We can face 2016 resolute to have hope. We can be glad that some moments are not ones we want to linger. Coping with such times can be done.

Have a supportive family. Actively pursue a hobby. Belong to some social or activity group that meets at least once a month (other than your family). Stay within five pounds of your ideal bodyweight, considering your height and bone structure. Every day practice some form of deep relaxation, prayerful meditation. Exercise 30 minutes or longer three or more times a week. Eat nutritionally balanced and wholesome meals three or more times a week. Every week do something just for yourself that you really enjoy doing. Have a place in your home that you can go in order to relax and/or be by yourself. Practice managing your time daily.

Faith and hope anew in 2017.

Like I heard Jet say, snapping shut his film director’s clapperboard from atop the stairs, “Action, EVERYONE!”



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