Jan Windhorst

Stars Align for Ozone Songwriter Festival

Northshore Songwriter Festival Draws Big Names As a kid growing up in Slidell, Greg Barnhill always knew he would be a professional songwriter and performer. He didn’t know exactly how he’d achieve this goal, but he believed. Now, Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated and living in Nashville, he regularly returns to the Northshore to share the benefit of …

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Sheila O'Connor Enterprising Woman

Enterprising Woman Sheila O’Connor

Tough Love Most people fully expect their marriages to last forever, but when love turns tough, many couples turn to the serious business of divorce. In Covington, Sheila O’Connor maintains an unconventional yet seriously effective Family Law practice. On the walls of her office’s reception area hang fierce mantras that introduce clients to her bold …

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Nonna Randazzo

Nonna Randazzo’s

Nonna Randazzo’s: A Sweet Celebration Celebrating with king cake is a beloved New Orleans custom spread around the world by relocated natives longing for sweet memories, travelers reliving their revelry after returning home, and locals sharing their seasonal spirit with friends and family far away. But, one might be surprised to learn that, since Katrina, …

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Jennifer Hancock

Jennifer Hancock: The Power to Heal

Finding Her Calling Jennifer Hancock had not been outside of Raymond, Mississippi until she ventured to Starkville to begin the Veterinary Technician Program at Mississippi State University. Raised on her grandparents’ farm, Jen’s grandfather steered her to animal care and the experiences that would define her life. “I loved the farm and the animals, but …

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Greg Troyer

Enterprising Man Greg Troyer

Greg Troyer: Building an Empire Why do certain people seem to always excel in their endeavors? Is it luck? Timing? Talent? Entrepreneur Magazine lists several characteristics that the most successful businesspeople share. Among them are vision, focus, passion, lifelong learning, hard-working, integrity and gratitude. When talking to Greg Troyer about his ultra-luxury home building enterprise, …

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Enterprising Woman Jessica Robicheaux

Enterprising Woman Jessica Robicheaux: Bushels & Pecks Photography

Picture Perfect The adage, “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” has been credited to many including Shakespeare, da Vinci and Cicero. But no matter who said it first, it’s an ageless truth that Jessica Robicheaux has made her life’s work. Jessica is part artist and part philosopher, but foremost a mom who began …

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