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Back to Nature Staycation

Nearby, a hidden treasure transports guests to a seemingly different place and time to rediscover the art of communing with nature. Bolo Creek Cabins offers acres of private wilderness traversed by a babbling creek and teeming with sights and sounds of the swamp. For those with bucket lists including bass fishing, stargazing from a secluded cabin, hiking wooded trails seeking wildlife, and listening to the symphony of frogs after rain, Charles Lee and Denise Dorsey offer their personal piece of paradise. Their two cabins on over 100 wild acres right outside Picayune, MS are available for a staycation, romantic get-away or adventure with the kids.

Great Wilderness

“It feels like you’re in a great wilderness,” says Denise, “but you’re only about 10 minutes from WalMart.” Adds Charles, “And it’s under an hour from the Northshore. We fell in love with this land and built the first cabin, The Log House, in 2000 and then added The Birdhouse in 2010. With each visit, we discover something new.  It’s always an adventure combined with the peace and relaxation nature offers without the crowds and noise of campgrounds.” Charles notes, “The Birdhouse is built right on the creek and the Log House is just a short walk to water, but you can’t see one cabin from the other. Even if both are rented, you still feel you have the place to yourself. We also own the property across the creek, so you just see woods – no neighbors. And because there’s no ambient light, the view of the night sky is extraordinary.”

A Magical Experience

Denise and Charles say they can’t wait to bring their grandsons to see the magic that happens at Bolo Creek Cabins, named for their location on the Hobolochitto Creek. “It’s the simple things we did as kids that we want to share with them and other families,” says Denise as Charles reflects on favorite guest memories. “Beyond building fires and making s’mores, a Girl Scout leader asked me for a unique troop adventure here. I suggested a night hike where the scouts would point their flashlights at tree roots to look for green diamonds, which are actually the glow of spider eyes. Afterwards she reported that the spider hunt was the trip’s highlight. Another guest’s small son excitedly pulled on his dad’s pants leg, pointed across the creek and asked who had turned on the Christmas lights. The dad was delighted to explain it was scores of fireflies twinkling nearby.” Charles continues, telling of a knitting group that visits regularly for camaraderie that can only be achieved away from modern day distractions. He affectionately calls another repeat group The Rollercoasters, whose preferred activity is sitting on the creek’s beach with a stocked ice chest. “I’d stop the tractor and just listen as the low rumble of conversation would burst into screams of laughter over and over like a thrill ride.”

Rejuvenate the Body and Soul

The couple also eagerly recounts their care in building the raised cabins that feature a panoramic view of lush surroundings through walls of windows, porches and decks. Describing favorite activities, Denise adds, “Each visit is different based on the season, the creek height and whether we want to relax or explore.” They are equally enthusiastic about water sports like tubing and toy boat races with the kids; a sighting of migrating Indigo Buntings and other wildlife in the cypress swamp affectionately called The Dee’s Knee’s; playing rainy-day games on the concrete under the cabins; or simply finding “just the right piece” of driftwood on their morning hike. No matter the season or the activity, they agree, Bolo Creek Cabins are the perfect place to decompress and rediscover the power of nature to rejuvenate the body and the soul. 

For more information, please visit bolocreekcabins.com.



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