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Being the Best Version of Yourself

There’s an immediate vibe when entering the welcoming medspa of Reba Weymouth. Upon walking into Timeless Rx, the first thought is, “Is it always like this?” The uplifting mood is set by an energetic staff hosting a stream of happy patients and guests amidst sleek yet eclectic and inviting décor. Populated with a variety of ages and styles representing different walks of life — from sharply dressed businessmen to multitasking moms with teenage girls — Reba’s welcoming reception area reflects the widespread appeal of the philosophy she applies to herself and shares with patients. “Today, there’s no reason not to be the best version of yourself. We guide patients to take control of their health by giving solutions that are tested and safe. Along with our weight loss program, our hormone therapies help give men and women their life back. It’s an age-old desire to regain one’s vitality, stamina, mental clarity, and mobility of youth, and I know it’s my purpose to give that timeless gift.”

Reba Weymouth, a seasoned certified nurse practitioner with experience in cardiology, infectious disease and hospital medicine says her goal is to offer something for everyone. “We integrate Western and preventive medicine to address things like metabolic syndrome and sexual health. And, we offer a menu of rejuvenating skin and body procedures using state-of-the-art laser treatments, injectables and fillers, micro-needling, hair growth stimulation, laser hair removal, acne treatment and more. It’s extra busy today because it’s Weight Loss Wednesday. Each year we grow with leaps and bounds because of our incredible success stories. The response and the impact we’ve had over the past 10 years is immense.” 

Stunning Success

Reba’s daughter and Practice Manager, Madison, is a stunning example of one of those success stories, having lost over 100 pounds on the program. Reba knows firsthand that such a huge transformation has been life-changing for her daughter, greatly improving her confidence and health, along with energizing her interactions with her children and patients at the office. “Being able to make such a meaningful difference in my daughter’s life is a blessing that benefits her, my grandchildren, and our work here. Many of my patients become like family, and I can help achieve that same success for them. Helping as many people as I can to take control of their health and get a new lease on life has become my mission. It’s fulfilling in a way that I never thought possible growing up.”

Against the odds, Reba found an exceptional inner strength and worked diligently to overcome a difficult childhood and early adulthood. “I think the need to heal myself by healing others is why I became a nurse in the first place and why I keep pushing myself to grow and do more. I learned that always waking up with a positive attitude was the only way I would survive. To this day, there are always trials and tribulations, but the attitude to live through hard times and make yourself better gets you through it. I’m deeply grateful for the lifelong support of my brothers who were always there for me. And I simply couldn’t have done any of this without my rock, my husband Stephen.” Reba explains that when she was in a particularly dark place, it was Stephen who motivated her to go back to nursing school 28 years ago because of his faith in her to meet that difficult challenge even while caring for their blended family of five children. Years later, he would encourage her to further develop her talent and vision by pursuing advanced training at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, with the dream of opening Timeless Rx.

Realizing Her Dream

In 2012, Reba Weymouth opened Timeless Rx under the direction of Dr. John Simon. Since then, she’s expanded to a larger space, grown her staff to 12 including two established providers and two aestheticians, and will soon open a new office. “My two providers, Candice Wild Goscha and Michele Accardo have 17 years of nurse practitioner experience between them,” says Reba. “Candice shares my strong desire to help people feel their best. I’m also pleased to announce I’ve chosen Michele to lead the new Denham Springs office. She’s been a patient since the beginning and best-suited to further our mission.” Michele adds, “I’m excited about my new commitment to wellness on a personal and professional level, and to be part of the evolution of Timeless Rx.” Of her decision to expand towards Baton Rouge, Reba muses, “It’s not my personality to be satisfied with the status quo. I have to keep building and reaching more people. This is my legacy that will one day be Madison’s. She shares my desire to make a difference in people’s lives, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

In her off time, Reba cherishes celebrating and making memories with friends and family. She and Stephen love entertaining in their Mandeville home where many a holiday, birthday and special occasion has been celebrated with him grilling to the strains of his classic rock vinyl collection. The private backyard paradise they’ve built is decorated with Reba’s original artwork, spiritedly reflecting their love of LSU, the Saints and their travels. Time with their 11 grandchildren is also precious. Every Wednesday night, the couple’s two granddaughters who live locally enjoy a crafts night and sleepover where Reba shares her talents with them. Both Reba and Stephen agree that family togetherness and time spent with friends are their most treasured gifts. 

Making a World of Difference

With values and work ethic that are an inspiration to her daughter, her staff and her community, Reba Weymouth sums up her philosophy saying, “What you do is who you are. When you find your passion, it’s not work. It’s a reflection of who you are. Building a fulfilling and successful career takes tenacity. There are pitfalls and bills to pay, but you keep doing it because you believe in it. Whether it’s social impact, higher standards, financial freedom or mastering your legacy, loving what you do can make a world of difference in yourself and others.” 

Timeless Rx  is located at 1976 N. Highway 190 in Covington. For more information, call 985-893-6073, email info@thetimelessclinic.com or visit thetimelessclinic.com.


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