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The Dress that Went Viral

When Mandy Mae Poche’ made a TikTok post on October 14 at 8:57 pm, she had no idea that within days, her solution for something to wear to her quaint town’s art stroll would go viral — in a BIG way!


Her TikTok post, along with a photo of her hand-painted dress, said, “I guess this works! Tomorrow night is going to be super fun. I can’t wait to see everyone for the art and wine stroll and the release of ‘Affirmations’.” The video that Poche’ posted the night before the Ponchatoula Art & Wine Stroll became a sensation almost overnight. Just a few days later while at her son’s football game, she said her phone starting constantly going off with notifications. “I literally thought my phone was malfunctioning!” Since her original post, the video has now reached over 20 million people with over 4,300 page shares!

Enterprising Woman

Featured as a recent Sophisticated Woman Enterprising Woman, this Northshore artist is now trying to keep up with requests for her work worldwide — from Australia to the United Kingdom to South Africa and the Philippines. She’s even had to meet with a shipping company to satisfy the high demands to send her artwork to places around the globe.

Mandy Mae creates and displays her eye-catching creations at her studio, Mandy Mae Fine Art, located on West Pine Street in Downtown Ponchatoula. Poche’ is a South Louisiana native originally from Luling and has called Ponchatoula home for the last several years. Of her unique and colorful painting style, Poche’ says, “Most of my work is more of an impressionist abstract style with some impasto techniques. My most popular subjects include churches, Louisiana-themed items, and even more modern abstract pieces.”

She credits her strong faith with allowing her immense talent to shine through. “I prayed to God over four years ago to please show me my calling, please show me my talents so I can use them the way he made me, let me use what I can do to give back. A little voice and sense of certainty came over me and said, “Hold on! I still hear that voice, I still feel that energy to push forward, to keep going. I listen to it all the time. In my heart, I knew things were going to change. Here I am four years later, and I just can’t even begin to comprehend this crazy but amazing journey.” 




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