Spirit of Giving

The Spirit of Gift Giving

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The Holiday Season is upon us and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! The parties, the family gatherings, the decorating – and of course, the gift giving are all part of the celebration. On the Northshore, we are fortunate to have a wide range of options for holiday shopping and dining. In the spirit of gift-giving and supporting the community, we hope you shop local, as well as trying some creative ideas to wrap them all up! From upscale boutiques and unique gift shops to gourmet food, art and beauty providers, look around at all the Northshore has to offer. There’s even something for your furry friends! At Sophisticated Woman, we wish you and yours the very best for the holiday season and hope you enjoy this time to deck the halls and celebrate the spirit of giving in whatever form is most meaningful to you.


Months of Shopping can turn into minutes of blissful mayhem and piles of paper in the middle of the floor during holiday family gatherings and gift exchanges. Searching for the perfect gift wrapping paper to coordinate with your decorations can be daunting as well as expensive–all to just be crumpled up and shoved into a giant trash bag. Why not try something different this year when it comes to wrapping your gifts? Here are 10 creative alternatives to traditional gift wrapping that can add an extra special sentiment to your holidays! 

1. Baskets – Everyone loves a gift basket. Local thrift shops usually have baskets in all shapes and sizes. Add some cute tissue paper and a fabric bow and you’re all set.

2. Wallpaper – Leftover wallpaper scraps can be put to use instead of being discarded. This unique idea takes your

gift-giving presentation to the next level and adds a nostalgic flair to any gift.

3. Newspaper – Use the black and white stuff or grab the comic section for more colorful wrap. Use some simple red twine and a sprig of evergreen to create a classic, yet fun look.

4. Tins or Jars – Mason jars make the ultimate gift container. Grab a reusable tin or can with a lid, and they work especially well for food gifts.

5. Reusable Net Bags – There are many tutorials online that will show you how to whip up gift bags of all sizes using net or cheesecloth bags. No tape required! Just gather the fabric and finish it off with beautiful ribbon.

6. Fabric Scraps – Not handy with a sewing machine? Then use fabric scraps instead. Gather the fabric around your
gift and then tie it off with a gorgeous ribbon. Burlap is especially rustic and charming, and satins and lace can add elegance and personal flair.

7. Pillow Cases – Inexpensive pillow cases are a great alternative for larger gifts. Tie them off with a tassel cord for an innovative and useful alternative.

8. Maps – Maps can add a classic, vintage flair to your presents. Use them to wrap a gift for the world traveler on your list or to even suggest a visit or special vacation.

9. Towels, Blankets or Scarves – Wrap up your kitchen-themed gift with a set of dish towels or nestle baby gifts inside a soft, baby blanket. Vintage scarves from a thrift store also make a stunning presentation to your fashionista friend.

10. Feed Sacks – Feed sacks are the perfect wrapping for the shabby-chic folks on your list. Burlap sacks are a creative
way to naturally present your gift.  Add fresh lavender or holly berries to your gift to put a twinkle in anyone’s eye

Unique and thoughtful presentations that dazzle and delight can also become keepsakes and hold many special memories of celebrations – now that’s the spirit of giving!

For more holiday ideas and stories, visit the Sophisticated Woman Magazine homepage to see the full December ’22 – January ’23 issue here!



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