Day: October 31, 2020

Enterprising Woman: Simone Bruni

Demo Diva: Her Own Force of Nature   THE DAY BEFORE Simone Bruni’s cover feature interview, an article about learning to cope with life’s unexpected turns found its way to her. Particularly attuned to the importance of timing, she took it as a sign for the theme of the day’s discussion.  Simone Bruni religiously reflects on …

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Boots & Bags & Belts Oh My!

Accessorize yourself with all things Autumn, and add these perfectly pleasing picks to your wardrobe that will delight and excite. As cooler weather makes a comeback, let’s take a look forward to the luxe looks that await us!  With boots that command attention, bags and belts that exude style and elegance, these fabulous fall finds complete …

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Help Us Make Thanksgiving Day Special for a Homeless Cat or Dog

Thanksgiving is a time for us to set aside our worries and take a moment to be grateful for all that we have. Regardless of what life throws our way, many of us are lucky enough to have food, water, shelter and all of the familiar comforts of our daily lives. When you and your …

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Planting Flowering Shrubs In November

Just when you thought gardening was over for the year, think again! November is an excellent time to plant a variety of greenery.  Planting shrubs in November affords root systems to become fully established before summer’s heat. Nurseries are more quiet this time of year and staff can more readily answer questions. Thoroughly prepare the …

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Be Sure to Get Your Shots!

Have you had your shots yet? Keep your spirits up as you won’t be able to resist these infectious elixirs. From sweet and spicy to crisp and cool, these sensational shooters can help cure what ails you It’s Just A Shot Away 2 ounces ​coffee liqueur 2 ounces Irish cream liqueur 2 ounces ​orange liqueur Espresso …

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Time to Gather-November Home Decor

WHEN FALL ARRIVES so do family gatherings. The changing of the seasons means the changing of colors, along with your home’s décor. Traditional autumn colors of orange, brown and tan blend perfectly with soothing neutrals and festive metallic finishes. Rustic touches with modern influences create a comfortable and cozy, yet contemporary feel. From table accents …

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