Mandeville Mayor Clay Madden

It’s A New Day For Mandeville

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I am truly blessed and honored to represent the great people of the City of Mandeville as their mayor. Having been in public service for the past eight years as a councilman, I am humbled to be in this new leadership position. It is a new day for Mandeville.

I have several goals as mayor, but my first and most important is improving communications: good relationships start with good communications – with our citizens, our local businesses, our new city council, and our team of employees. I ran on a platform of “Lead By Listening.” As Anthony Robbins has said, “To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as our guide to our communications with others.” My hope going forward is that through effective communications we will be stronger as a team and will accomplish great things for our City.

Having taken office on August 28th, two months late due to election schedule changes because of COVID-19, and with zero transition period, my term started out as a baptism by (rapid) fire of four tropical events—Laura, Sally, Beta and Delta. (Many thanks to our dedicated employees who are well versed in storm preparations and to Clarence Powe of the St. Tammany Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness for his assistance during this unprecedented time of weather events.) We are currently focused on building a new administration, with an operational and efficiency audit soon to begin.

With hurricane season waning, let’s hope for a quiet fall. Our city offers many outdoor attractions to enjoy in the cooler weather. Please come enjoy all that Mandeville has to offer during this pleasant time of year.

The City of Mandeville offices are located at  3101 E Causeway Approach in Mandeville. For more information, visit cityofmandeville.com .




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