No Trespassing

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I am reluctant to say something of a more personal nature than I typically do; however, I am hoping that what you are about to read may in some way be pertinent to yourself—words that perhaps you need to hear—even or especially during this upcoming holiday season.

I had a dream that I was standing in the middle of a property that I have been trying to sell for over a year. My mother was present, even though she passed away in January of this year. Anything can happen in dreams, and Mom was in my dream looking mostly like she had for some time prior to her passing—fragile, tenacious, serene. I, however watchful of her, was zooming around putting NO TRESPASSING signs on the exterior of the property and, for good measure, on the interior of the property also. 

Awake, I got one with my day, but the dream intruded. Even as I sat with clients hearing their concerns, my own thoughts intruded, which gladly is most often not the case. So, rather than devote extra energy  trying to put the thoughts away, I sat myself down and “listened” to what impressions my mind and heart were trying to get through to me.

I don’t know that words can carry the emotion that came over me when I allowed myself to take in this dream. I recalled being a child and having my first awareness of this property around me. The security there of hearing my mother’s voice, her instruction, friends and family who came then went, some who never returned. You can see perhaps what I was slow to see. This property is for sale physically, but my heart has posted NO TRESPASSING SIGNS all over it… And, now that I know, I believe I can let go. I hope you can too. Let go of what was and free yourself to embrace the present. The holidays are all about the Presence. God bless us, I pray, one and all.



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