A Creative Christmas

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The holiday season is a time of joy, and that joy should spill over into all aspects of your celebration. Your decorations should be no exception. Don’t stress trying to make your holiday décor picture perfect. Instead, express your personal creativity by incorporating hues, motifs, objects and shapes you love.

Don’t feel hemmed in by red, green and gold. Branch out into different color palettes. Bright, bold colors like purple and blue, neutral ivories and silvers, even teal bring life to Christmas décor.


Embrace your personality at Christmastime. You might not want to feature pink flamingos in your home’s décor all year long, but they are a playful way to liven up a tree. Love your pets? Adorn your tree with ornaments that say just that. Or highlight a favorite hobby or collection on your tree or elsewhere in your design.  

Whether whimsical and lighthearted, classically elegant or something that’s uniquely you, let your creativity and personality shine through in your holiday décor. You’ll delight in the season, enjoying the time you spend at home with your family and loved ones all the more.



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