Lizby and Randy Eustis Christmas Milk Punch

Brandy-Milk-Punch-Virginia-Miller, the perfect spot

Every year on Christmas Eve, my friends and neighbors, Lizby and Randy Eustis, travel the streets of Covington in their decorated golf cart delivering Christmas cheer.

Their Christmas milk punch packs a punch and definitely spreads joy throughout Covington.

Rich, delicious and potent and now part of the Robert Christmas tradition.


Makes 1 gallon:

12 oz crème de cocoa

12 oz brandy

12 oz bourbon or dark rum

12oz simple syrup (boil 2 parts sugar and 1 part water for 5 minutes and cool)

4 oz vanilla

1 qt whipping cream

Fill rest with whole milk.

Keep refrigerated. Lizby and Randy put their milk punch in individual carafes for gift giving.

Brandy-Milk-Punch-Virginia-Miller, the perfect spot

Photo via The Perfect Spot


My Foodie Friend, Lizby Eustis

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