July 2015—Behind the Scenes – Cover Story

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Behind the Scenes with our Enterprising Women Amberleigh Carter & Christina Carter

SW: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
AC: A hard boiled pasture-raised egg, uncured bacon, and a cup of fruit (all organic, of course).

CC: Grapefruit, eggs, bacon, yogurt, and coffee, all organic!

SW: What were you doing before you arrived for hair and makeup?
AC: Driving and jamming out to Taylor Swift.

CC: Ironing our clothes and dodging the rain.

SW: What does your usual day consist of?
AC: Upon waking, I journal and meditate to set the stage for the day. Then I eat breakfast, exercise, shower, and head to the office to meet with clients. After client meetings, I will try to head to a local business that is like-minded, learn about them and partner with them on social media to spread the word. This is to help increase people’s awareness of healthy options out there. After that, I’ll have dinner with my family and catch up on any paperwork, website maintenance, online course duties, client e-mails, questions, etc. to prepare to send out for the following day. I usually end my day with my guilty pleasure: soap operas.

CC: Wake up and take a long time for breakfast. Then I do something for myself whether it is journal, stretch, meditate, or attend a gymnastics class. Next, I head to the office either to meet clients, do research on cases, put together client plans, or focus on advertising. After work I like to meet friends or family for dinner or a fun activity.

SW: What are you reading right now?
AC: The Ten Day MBA by Steven Silbiger.

CC: An inspirational novel called The Tenth Insight, by James Redfield, about discovering a movement toward collective spirituality.

SW: What is your favorite song at the moment?
AC: Gooey by Glass Animals

CC: A song called Hold the Line (Love Isn’t Always On Time) by Toto

SW: Who is the last person you spoke to on the phone?
AC: My old college roommate.

CC: A solicitor.

SW: If you could be any place in the world right now, where would you be?
AC: Exploring Europe.

CC: At the Puppy Bowl.

SW: What does your ideal day-off consist of?
AC: Spontaneously heading to the beach, doing a day filled with water sports, getting a massage, and going to dinner and out to a concert with friends.

CC: I would begin the day with a nice massage. Then I would go into the city of New Orleans and walk around downtown through the French Quarter, enjoy the shops and the sights, and eat at all the delicious, local venues. Then I would end the day hitting it big at the casino and celebrating with friends.

SW: Of what accomplishment are you most proud?
AC: Becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner to be able to effect change in the world of health.

CC: 3 things: Master’s thesis, opening my own business, and having helped children significantly through their interpersonal issues.

SW: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take three things, what three things would you take with you? (I think they collaborated on this one. Very smart ladies.)
AC: A helicopter, a pilot, and a knife.

CC: A friend, a boat, and a machete.

Cover photographer Steve Randon. All behind the scenes photos taken by Intern Nick Salvetti.



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