October 2015—Behind the Scenes-Cover Story

We met up with Dr. Liza Ledet at Paris Parker Salon and Spa in Mandeville to prepare for the photo shoot where Erica Lee styled her hair and Stephanie Zeller applied her makeup. When we arrived at Maison Lafitte for the photo shoot, we were able to speak with Liza and get to know her from a different perspective.

SW: What did you eat for breakfast
this morning?
Liza: Two boiled eggs and a Quest bar.

SW: What does your usual day consist of?
Liza: Waking up around 4:30 A.M.,
going to the gym, taking my son
to school and working which
consists of appointments, surgeries and deskwork.

SW: What is your favorite song at
the moment?
Liza: Shut Up and Dance.





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