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Many Millennials are interested in consuming quality content efficiently and quickly, which results in real-time engagement that matters. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat—some of the most influential social-facing communication tools—have all made improvements in recent years that are shaping the future of news media and the way publishers and news outlets are distributing content to millennials. How great of an impact will these competing platforms ultimately have on the landscape of media as we know it today? 

Many consumers already consider Twitter and Facebook reliable news sources. Their quick-stream timeline, real-time conversation and ability to connect on a global scale creates credibility in the eyes of the beholder. Twitter’s Periscope app and Facebook’s Live video feature meet the increasing demands on individuals, news outlets and brands to deliver content to consumers with the click of a button.   

Think about Snapchat for a second. Snaps, Stories and Discover are three main features. Discover is like reading the morning newspaper, while Stories can be live broadcasts similar to watching TV.  Former CNN reporter Peter Hamby was hired as the platform’s head of news, making what was once a photo messaging app into a powerful news distribution service. Imagine morning shows and news broadcasts as we know them reduced to a 30-60 second Snapchat Story to watch on your mobile device while on the train or waiting in line at Starbucks. In theory, you’d save time, and your productivity would increase. 

Radio, newspapers, magazines, cable television and the internet are all news mediums that our past and current generations have come to know and enjoy. Each has, at one point in time, experienced a renaissance in how the public consumes news and information. 

Media is progressive just like anything in society and a new blending of media forms is emerging. Enjoy the ride! 

Chris Herting is a Digital and Social Media Specialist at Gallinghouse Marketing + Creative. He has experience delivering innovative digital solutions for hundreds of brands, including the NFL’s Washington Redskins. Gallinghouse is located at 409 W. 21st Ave., Covington. For more information, call 985-893-7631 or visit gallinghouse.com.



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