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Gift Nature for Valentine’s Day

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This year, gift nature for Valentine’s Day. Other than staple offerings of exotic cut flowers or sweet edibles, the following are a few sustainable gifts for your gardening buddy or loved one.

Lasting Roses

Roses as a bare-root, container plant or miniature variety make a lasting impression and investment. Choose a spot receiving six or more hours of sunlight and well-draining soil. Dig a hole slightly larger than the pot size. Add small amounts of natural fertilizer to the hole and place the rose on top. Backfill soil to the same height as it was in the container. Water thoroughly and mulch. Bare-root roses must be planted with the graft union two inches above the soil. 

Plant Violets

Violets are a symbol of truth and loyalty per the Victorian language of flowers and one of the few colorful flowers that like cooler weather. To represent the favorite trait of your recipient, use blue for faithfulness, white for purity, and yellow for good deeds. Native violets in our area bloom during this month. Seek light shade and moist, well-drained soil.

Indoor Delights

Many Indoor plants are an excellent choice as well. Orchids are low maintenance and have long-lasting flowers. Succulents with heart-shaped leaves/lobes are easy to care for, prefer bright light and require little water. Look for Hoya or Peperomia varieties. Anthuriums have heart-shaped flowers and do best in bright light (east or north-facing window) and humidity. Water when one inch of soil is dry.

Seeds of Love

Or, create a bouquet of seed packets taped to bamboo skewers or chopsticks. Seeds could be flowers, herbs or vegetables. Arrange in a small vase or basket with a bow.

February symbolizes transition, seeing the potential in all life, not just for the romantic. What better way to show your appreciation of someone or brighten their day than to gift nature for Valentine’s Day? Dare to be different. Happy Growing!



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