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When Lisa Greenleaf and her husband Myron decided to move to the Northshore in 1992 to raise their two young sons, she had no idea the quaint subdivision they fell in love with would become such an integral part of her personal and professional life. From the very beginning, all signs—most notably the one at the entrance to the neighborhood—pointed to a long-lasting connection. Greenleaves subdivision was perfectly suited for the Greenleaf family.

Nearly 25 years later, Lisa’s connection to Greenleaves has only gotten stronger. A top producing realtor for Gardner Realtors, Lisa has dominated in Greenleaves, earning the position as both #1 listing agent and #1 selling agent in the subdivision for two decades. Her tenacity, creativity and personal attention have helped her rise to the top of her profession. Over her career, Lisa has sold nearly 500 homes in Greenleaves, five of which were sold to immediate family members.

In fact, she sold her sister Linda (better known as “CC,” a nickname Lisa gave her when they were young) a home right next door to her own. The two get together almost every day. “She was the last piece of the puzzle, the last family member to move to the Northshore,” Lisa said.

“Growing up, I never had big dreams for a career. I knew I wanted to be a wife and mother but the rest just fell into place,” she said. “Real estate allowed me to pursue a career, but also the flexibility to be there for my children. I would schedule appointments around their activities as much as possible but there were many times the kids would do their homework while sitting at an act of sale.”

While it may have been challenging to balance motherhood and a professional career, Lisa explained her success has been, in large part, due to her role as a mother and Greenleaves resident. Her experience and knowledge of the community allow her to not only find her clients the perfect home, but the perfect investment as well.

“My favorite part about being a real estate agent is finding the right home for the right family. I love to listen to people talk and visualize where they will place their furniture. I love the fact that my clients trust me and once they get to know me, know that I will lead them in the right direction,” she said. “My reputation is far more important to me than a commission. I am honored that my clients always call me back when they are ready to buy or sell again. That lets me know they are happy with my service, and that is truly the greatest compliment.”

Lisa has a reputation for going above and beyond when it comes to her clients. She prides herself on giving clients the individual attention they deserve, both during and after business hours. “Both of my parents were great role models for me,” she noted. “From my dad, I got my work ethic and sense of loyalty; and from my mother, I learned how to truly appreciate and be thankful for life’s blessings.”

While Lisa is extremely thankful for her successful real estate career, she recognizes that true happiness is keeping God in your life and being thankful for everyday blessings such as health and family. “My sons Justin and Jason are my greatest blessings and they continue to make me proud every day,” she said. Her oldest son Justin, an architect specializing in commercial projects, started his own firm, Greenleaf Architects, two years ago. Jason, her youngest son, is a mechanical engineer who is successfully moving up the ranks at his company. He currently serves as a project manager. Also, while working in Maryland, Jason met his girlfriend Kimberly who has recently become a Northshore resident.

“I am delighted to have Justin, his wife Kaitlyn and their two children Madison and Jackson living in Greenleaves. “Kaitlyn is like a daughter to me. I enjoy being able to spend time with her. And to top it off, Myron and I get to watch our grandchildren play in the same neighborhood our own boys did when they were young. We love our new roles as Bammie and Poppie, names given to us by Madison,” she said.

“When I tell you Greenleaves is the perfect place to raise your family, that’s not just a sales pitch. It is a true testimonial as I have raised my own family here in Mandeville and believe deeply in the community. Greenleaves is where mylife story is.”

For more information, call 985-674-0404 or visit Lisa-greenleaf.com, greenleafL@yahoo.com.


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