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Whether you’re celebrating an oh-so-holy night, rockin’ around the Christmas tree, or lighting candles for a Happy Hanukkah or Joyous Kwanzaa, decorations can play in important role in symbolizing the meaning of the holidays. And, of course, they brighten our living spaces and delight us with their beauty and light. Gathering around the tree or the table always creates special memories. From sleek to rustic to traditional and everything in between, the creative ways to dress any area of your home are unlimited. 

Christmas trees aren’t just for living rooms anymore. Some folks have a tree in every room—from the bedroom to the kitchen—showcasing different themes in each location. Metallics, pastels, rustic, all white, Victorian or vivid color stories are some of the many ways to reflect your personal style. Express yourself and enjoy the art of decorating. 


As far back as the ancient Egyptians, people decorated their homes with evergreens in the winter to symbolize everlasting life and as a hopeful good omen for a fruitful spring. Today, greenery is still a mainstay of holiday decorating across all styles.

The upside-down Christmas tree is reported to have been introduced by St. Bonafice of Devonshire in the 7th century to symbolize the holy trinity and indicate its meaning as a Christian symbol, rather than simply a floral decoration. Today, the inverted position is admired for its flair, unique creativity and floating quality.

Many sources attribute the origins of the modern Christmas tree to 16th-century Germany and credit its North American debut to Hessian General Riedesel and his wife at their 1781 Christmas party in Quebec, Canada. In the past two centuries after the trend migrated into the United States, holiday decorations have fallen far from the tree. They have now grown to include all colors, shapes, sizes and themes.

Rustic touches with modern influences create a comfortable and cozy, yet contemporary, feel. From warm copper tableware and touches of gold, to distressed paint finishes and accents of greenery, showcasing your own personal style is what’s on trend for this season. Mix textures. Mix finishes. Pick a color theme. Pick an accent piece. It’s all about adding your unique touch. Create memories and celebrate with friends and family this season as you make your surroundings special.



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