Our Fashion Picks – Sweet Child O’ Mine

The Perfect Pair From kissing bobos on the playground to planning a lavish wedding, mothers and daughters have one-of-a-kind relationships. From the day she enters the world, a mother is her daughter’s best friend. Sure, there may be tough periods—those teenage years are rough!—but moms and their daughters will always be perfectly matched. This month,

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Growing the Gift of Love

Springtime brings lots of gift-giving opportunities. Between Mother’s Day, graduations and  weddings, you may find yourself doing quite a bit of  shopping. Jewelry, countertop appliances or bouquets are the mainstays for these events, but consider a gift that will commemorate these milestones in a more sentimental way.  Live perennial plants, shrubs or even trees serve as

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On a television program called Good Times, JJ, one of the main characters, frequently exclaimed “Dy-no-mite!” I believe that everyone has dynamite inside. The resurrection of Christ is a good place to examine that potential. A massive boulder rolled in place at the entrance of the tomb of Christ weighed about two tons, yet the

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