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SIMPLICITY. PURITY. CLARITY. Sisters Christina and Amberleigh Carter do more than live by these words—they work by them as well. Because both women experienced certain health ailments as children that were exacerbated by prescription medications, their mother Bonita sought out alternatives. With the interest and support of their father Gary, their parents began introducing herbs and natural supplements into their diets, and they both experienced substantial and immediate improvement in their wellbeing.

As part of a health-conscious family, Christina and Amberleigh, along with their older sister Brittany, continued to thrive throughout their pre-teen and teenage years. Graduates of Our Lady of the Lake Elementary School and St. Scholastica Academy, they were well-rounded students—participating in outdoor activities, playing musical instruments, painting and volunteering in the community. They did not realize at the time, but all of these experiences would set the stage for their future and their careers.

Christina incorporates her extensive education in psychology with an acknowledgment of nutrition and love for the creative arts in order to help children who are struggling with behavioral problems or interpersonal issues through her company, Intu It Parenting and Wellness. In a similar way, Amberleigh has combined her background in science and the human anatomy with her passion for nutrition and exercise to form the basis for her company, Kinection Holistic Health.

Christina CarterChristina said that from the time she was a young teen, babysitting and volunteering with youth organizations and summer camps, she knew she wanted to work with children. “I’ve always felt a special connection with kids,” she explained. “In college, and later in my graduate school, I became more interested in the dynamics that exist between children and their parents. In fact, I wrote my master’s degree thesis on the parent-child relationship.”

The goal of her practice is to offer parents and children a holistic approach to identify and transform maladaptive behaviors, thoughts and habits into functional and harmonious wellbeing. Focusing on creating a balance between the mind, body and spirit, Christina helps families become more mindful and present in their relationships with one another.

“Intu It provides therapies that take into account every aspect of a client’s life—from diet and sleeping habits to stress levels and exercise. Together we work to get back to basics—re-establishing lines of communication and other tools to address challenges. Everyone is accountable for the roles they play in the relationship,” she said.

While this approach is relatively new, Christina believes people on the Northshore are looking for alternative therapies, especially as it relates to children. “For years, the common practice was to medicate children with behavioral problems. Parents today are more empowered to ask questions of their physicians and to seek more natural solutions to their problems. With the movement toward holistic medicine and nutrition, it is only natural that we are now looking at emotional and behavioral issues through that lens as well.”

When Christina wants to consult with Amberleigh on nutrition and exercise for her clients, she only needs to walk a few steps from her own office door. Both women’s offices are located inside Indigo Studio in Covington. In fact, it is quite common that the two bounce ideas off one another in their practices.

“While I lean more toward health and the physical body and Christina leans more toward behavior and the emotional body, we recognize that all of these factors are interconnected. It is great to have a resource that is not just close in proximity but also close in philosophy,” Amberleigh explained.

Amberleigh CarterAs a young girl, Amberleigh was deeply affected by watching their grandmother suffer from and succumb to diabetes complications. She became determined to enter the healthcare field, particularly in the area of preventive medicine. Yet, her own health challenges in college led her to pursue a more natural route to wellness. Experimenting with recommended guidelines for food intake and exercise, she had bought into every “healthy snack” on the market and focused on moving more than she ate. However, by cutting calories and moving more, she gained a substantial amount of weight, along with other unhealthy symptoms.

“I was eating salads and avoiding meat, milk, butter and carbohydrates. I was doing cardio at least once per day, most often two times a day. And yet I was still gaining weight,” she said. “I began reading everything I could on nutrition and started integrating carbs, meat and natural fats back into my diet. I replaced most of my cardio with strength training. I ditched the processed, low-calorie snacks for real food, made sleep and cooking for myself a priority, and I immediately felt better, having reshaped my body in the process. I began to focus on moving and eating in the right way.”

Through Kinection Holistic Health, Amberleigh teaches people how to eliminate disease and dysfunction by eating the right foods at the right times and in the right ratios for each person’s particular body. She also integrates exercise and movement into her overall prescription for health.

Board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Commission, Amberleigh provides the tools—and the accountability—for people to achieve their goals. From overall weight loss to building specific muscle groups, Amberleigh shares her extensive experience and training with her clients. She also offers online courses for those who may not have the time or the financial resources for personalized therapy. “I want to give everyone the access and opportunity to achieve health and wellness,” she reiterated.

Christina and Amberleigh CarterThe two entrepreneurs acknowledged that they have inherited their passion for health and their business prowess from both parents. “Our parents have always been there for us. Their support and insight have been invaluable,” Amberleigh said.
“Most people do not realize how much our childhood impacts who we are as adults,” Christina explained. “My experiences with my parents and sisters have certainly shaped who I have become. That’s why I’m so passionate about giving families the tools they need to create their own positive experiences.”

Kinection Holistic Health and Intu It Parenting and Wellness are located inside Indigo Studio at 1101 Village Walk Drive in Covington. To contact Christina, call 985-789-6558 or visit intuitparentingandwellness.com. To contact Amberleigh, call 985-789-6559 or visit kinectionholistichealth.com.




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