When Breast Cancer Crashes The Party

Gina Pausina Cherry’s story “How to Plan a Wedding in Thirty Days” was published in last year’s bridal issue after a breast cancer diagnosis meant moving her wedding date up and having four weeks to pull everything together. We recently reached out to Gina to see how she’s been and decided to publish an update.
Gina and Ben were set to be married on November 18, 2017 when their whole world changed. She was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. After carefully interviewing several surgeons and oncologists to ensure optimum treatment, she selected the doctors who she felt would take the very best care of her. The surgeon, however, insisted that Gina not wait until after her scheduled wedding date to begin treatment. So she and soon-to-be-husband Ben moved their wedding forward to August 5, 2017.
With two rounds of intravenous chemotherapy administered before the wedding and an adjusted treatment plan, Gina was fortunately able to look and feel like herself for the wedding. Unfortunately the honeymoon had to be postponed so Gina could continue her treatment.
After the initial treatment Gina had a double mastectomy and then began oral chemotherapy. “I thank my wonderful husband Ben and all our family and friends for sitting with me at numerous infusion visits and doctor’s appointments,” she says, “and I thank the You Night ladies who found me when I was so lost in all the physical changes that were taking place from the chemotherapy.” It has been a long year for Gina, but she has been pushing through it like a true warrior.
The director of marketing and sales for A-1 Mobile Shredding and a fitness instructor at Franco’s Athletic Club, Gina has not stopped working or teaching her group classes. Through her treatments, she has also attended all three of her sons’ sporting events no matter how bad she felt. “I stayed positive throughout and kept living my life. Never give up—never give in,” she exclaims.
Gina’s diagnosis inspired her to create a team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, called the “You Night Fierce Warriors.” She has also decided to say “Bye, bye bra!” as a stylist for Ruby Ribbon, a women’s shapewear and apparel company supported by a nationwide network of independent stylists, many of whom have been affected in some way by breast cancer.
Gina and Ben’s honeymoon plans have yet to be rescheduled but that is just around the bend. A second surgery is scheduled for November of this year after the You Night Runway Show and Celebration in October. “That’s my big sunshine at the end of this dark tunnel,” she says.




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