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A successful wedding starts with perfect planning! A memorable honeymoon is no different. But with all the time spent planning your wedding you just don’t have time left to plan anything else. Nailing down the details for your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon could be stressful and time consuming. Over my years in the travel industry I have heard a lot of stories of trips gone bad when people try to save time or money. Consider this list of tips to avoid common pitfalls as you get started on your honeymoon planning.Don’t let the “deal of the decade” turn into a honeymoon horror story.There is a difference between being deal-driven and budget conscious. Look for a honeymoon package that is a good value, not a good “deal”. Compare the benefits, amenities and features—not just the price. If something is on sale there is usually a reason why. Not into dump trucks beeping and loud jackhammers pounding? Construction sounds could quickly ruin the romantic atmosphere you’re looking for. How about not being able to enjoy the beverage you’ve been dreaming about? Some destinations observe dry periods for religious holidays. That fantastic flight deal you booked online while DIYing your honeymoon? It may get you San Jose but not the one in Costa Rica.Instead of letting deals be your guide, use a travel professional to help you navigate through all of the options and find the best value for your budget.Don’t let that free timeshare gift ruin your honeymoon. You are getting married–that’s fantastic! All the well-meaning friends and family will suddenly bestow their unused timeshares upon you in the guise of a wedding gift to save you money. There is a reason they aren’t using that timeshare. If it is not special enough for them to set aside the time to visit, is it special enough for your honeymoon? Consider all aspects of the timeshare: your fellow travelers, the ambience at the resort, any additional costs you may incur, the daily services you might give up in compared to a resort that caters to romance. Making your own bed on a honeymoon may be good practice, but how much nicer would it be to come back to a freshened-up room! Thank your gracious friends profusely, but instead plan a vacation down the road in their fabulous timeshare and plan a special destination for your honeymoon.Contact a travel professional who can find the special destination that matches your travel personality to make lasting memories.Don’t let the photographs fool you. We all know that not everything on the internet is true, and photos taken from different perspectives can paint the picture the photographer is trying to sell. There are misleading promotional images littering online travel websites with nearly every click and numerous filtered, brushed and layered posts on social media. Plus many reviews on sites are written from people who have never even visited that destination! There is no verification process in who submits reviews, and some have taken to unscrupulous means to get properties higher ratings. Seek the help of a travel professional who will cut through the online clutter and provide real recommendations, so you will not be another victim of overly photoshopped photos and paid reviews.Don’t copy your best friend’s honeymoon. You won’t wear the same dress as your BFF on your big day or give your kids the same name. So why copy their honeymoon? Yes, the pictures were fantastic and the stories memorable, but you deserve a vacation as unique as you are. What may have been the best time ever for her could be your worst nightmare! Travel professionals can find the honeymoon to fit your personality as a couple and customize every detail so that all your friends are tempted to copy you.Don’t step down on your honeymoon. The perfect dress, the flowers that are specially flown in and a fantastic reception with a chef curated menu are what make your big day uniquely yours. Your honeymoon should match. If you are used to 1800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, then scratchy polyester will leave you feeling like you are snoozing on a pal’s dorm room futon. An all-inclusive beach getaway that fits your money-left-over budget may feel like you are roughing it in the wilderness. The amount you spend on your honeymoon should match you and your partner’s shared values while also matching your budget.When you work with a travel professional to prioritize your unique expectations, you will know how many of those honeymoon dreams can come true. Hopefully these tips will help destress your honeymoon planning, but the easiest way to unload those travel planning woes is to leave the planning to the experts. Contact a travel professional to put these honeymoon planning tips to work for you and handle all the stressful details.Tabitha Robinson is a Travel Professional and Owner of Worth The Trip Travel. Worth The Trip Travel can help create your customized itinerary for your destination, honeymoon, or family travel  anywhere in the world. For more information, contact info@worththetriptravel.com or call 423-930-8221. Se habla Español.


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