What’s a Locavore?

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For the fifth consecutive year, I joined the eat local challenge promising to eat only locally grown food for 30 days. If you interpret the challenge strictly, this means that you would only eat food caught or raised within 200 miles of your home. Never one to endure suffering gracefully, especially when it comes to food, I chose the moderate challenge.
That means I can still enjoy my daily iced coffees and a few out of season and non locally grown fruits and vegetables (I ask, who could live without avocados and raspberries?)
You may wonder, “why try a local food diet?”

Locavore Dinner in the Garden

Foodies and Friends supports local farmers and the local economy. We know that by choosing and eating locally grown produce, farm raised chicken and meats, locally caught seafood, and wines and craft beers that we all prosper and proactively impact our environment. Seasonal food tastes better and makes you feel good too.
The Northshore farmers markets are overflowing with the bounty of the summer season offering fresh peaches, corn, tomatoes, blueberries, squash and melons.

Spicy Arugula and Watermelon Salad

Last week I joined New Orleans bloggers, Babes and Beignets, to experience a Locavore Dinner in the Garden. Welcome our guest bloggers and read more in their story about the event and learn more about how to create a locally sourced menu with locally grown summer foods. Bon appetit! Read their post about the Locavore Dinner in the Garden by clicking on  below. Screenshot 2015-07-07 11.38.22






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