The Seasons of Life

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A DRIVE DOWN a country lane on a glorious fall day reminds us how fortunate we are to experience all the seasons. Everyone has a favorite season of the year and a different reason for preferring that season! Life is made up of seasons, too. Just as we are now watching fall slip away and getting ready to experience winter, there are many around us starting to experience the “winter” of their life.

Nature reminds us that seasons differ from year to year. One year it may be extremely cold and rainy, while the next year it may be slightly cool and dry. Life is very similar—one person may start their “winter” cloaked in limitations, while another enters theirs clucking like a spring chicken! Whatever the case may be, finding a spot in your life for these “winter” souls can be a very enriching activity.

Winter in nature is usually labeled with a monthly name—December, January or February. In life, we label our “winters”—seniors! Now, being one myself, I can assure you there are positives and negatives to be found in this season! Love the discounts; hate the aches, pains and the realization I can’t lift all of my potted plants any longer. I get tired before I am finished raking all the leaves and I surely can’t bag them now. I love that I have more time to spend outdoors and maybe even time to plant a winter vegetable garden. I hate that I don’t have the stamina to do it myself! Lifting 25-pound bags is not an easy task, nor is bending over.

There are many opportunities to prepare for the winter that is right around the corner—especially in the garden. Raised beds are a great way to keep gardening available. If you are a “summer” or “fall” person, someone you know would love a little help putting these in. Long-handled garden tools make great presents for your “winter” gardening friends. Stools, benches and level paths also make the “winter” gardener’s life a bit easier.

Gardening can be the impetus that carries winter into spring. A garden provides exercise, fresh air, a place to be needed and the reward of watching hard work turn into fulfillment. If you are falling into the “winter” of your life, you still have time to prepare for that first frost! Don’t be afraid to ask for a little help or company in the garden. Those of you lucky enough to have some “winter” friends, find a way to let nature show you just how nurturing gardening through the seasons can be!



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