Take Action When You Spot Animal Abuse

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One of the primary functions of our humane society is to help both concerned citizens and law enforcement agencies properly identify animal abuse and take steps to address it. We’ve helped draft and pass more than a dozen laws at the state level that help to define and expand anti-cruelty laws. 

We are often asked to explain what constitutes cruelty. Each case is obviously different, but generally, all animals must be provided with adequate food, water, shelter and veterinary care. If you see an animal that obviously belongs to someone and it looks in poor condition, we advise concerned individuals to discreetly take one or more photos from different angles, either from a public vantage point or from a place you have permission to be. Document the time, date and location of the animal(s). Next, determine which agency has jurisdiction. You may have to call your local animal control agency, the police or sheriff’s department. Remember, not all Louisiana parishes have government-funded animal control departments. In fact, only 33 out of 64 parishes have animal control services.

When you report the information, write down to whom you spoke for future reference, and ask that they send an investigator to follow up on your tip and call you back with their findings. If you feel further investigation is warranted or the situation has not been adequately resolved, please contact our agency by filling out a complaint form on our website, humanela.org.

Our humane society also provides cruelty investigation and prevention training workshops for humane organizations and law enforcement agencies. We also supply resources and guidance to more than a dozen police and sheriff’s departments on a regular basis.



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