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December Is The Perfect Time To Plant Trees

Tips from a Louisiana Master Gardener   If shrubs and trees weren’t pruned last month, and Hurricane Zeta didn’t do it for you, there is still time to do so this month. December’s climate in southeast Louisiana is mild with sufficient rainfall. Now is an optimal time to add a new tree, or transplant an existing …

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Planting Flowering Shrubs In November

Just when you thought gardening was over for the year, think again! November is an excellent time to plant a variety of greenery.  Planting shrubs in November affords root systems to become fully established before summer’s heat. Nurseries are more quiet this time of year and staff can more readily answer questions. Thoroughly prepare the …

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10 Plants That Are Poisonous To Pets

THERE ARE MORE than 700 plants known to cause reactions ranging from mild nausea to potentially life-threatening. The following list of ten are most commonly available and pre-existing within the residential yard. 1. Sago Palm: All parts are highly toxic especially the seeds. It contains cycasin and at least three other toxins. 2. Aloe: It …

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Planting Prep For Spring

Signs of spring surround us with the seasonal rise of horticultural excitement in the form of plant seminars, regional plant sales and tours that have been scheduled nearly every weekend until summer. The following are steps for preparing an area to receive plants.  Step One: Remove unwanted vegetation within the desired bed or planting area. …

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Know Your Gardening Seasons

Gardening seasons in Southeast Louisiana are not neatly defined on the calendar as in other parts of the country. Our four seasons are known as first-warm, hot, second-warm, and cool, overlapped by transitional periods. Be mindful that the transitional months between the seasons can have varying higher and lower than average temperatures. Examples of this …

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