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May, I Celebrate!

TRULY A MONTH of celebration for all of nature, May is green and full of blooms. Whether you are attending a graduation, a party for Mother’s Day or the crowning of the May Queen—this is the moment to let the flowers of May pay tribute to the celebration. A single bloom accented with greenery is …

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Do Flowers Speak?

WHY DO WE send red roses on Valentine’s Day? Your first thought was likely, “Because we always have!” Actually, this tradition started in ancient times and didn’t occur just on this February holiday. Flowers have their own special language and can send a message without a word. Red, for ages, has been the symbol of …

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Decoration Dilemma

The holidays are gone, but don’t throw away those living decorations! Maybe you were gifted a Christmas cactus or Hawaiian Christmas tree and who didn’t buy a poinsettia or two? The leaves are wilted, the flowers may be gone but, just like us—the once beautiful creatures are just a little tired! Please, please don’t throw …

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