Do Flowers Speak?

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WHY DO WE send red roses on Valentine’s Day? Your first thought was likely, “Because we always have!” Actually, this tradition started in ancient times and didn’t occur just on this February holiday. Flowers have their own special language and can send a message without a word. Red, for ages, has been the symbol of deep emotion—thus, the gift to symbolize love. Do you know what the other colors symbolize?

White, in most flowers, symbolizes pureness and innocence. It is also an indication of spirituality. A white chrysanthemum is the symbol of truth and loyal love.

Yellow usually symbolizes joy and friendship. A bouquet of daffodils could indicate you are searching for a new beginning. Sunflowers have been used to convey loyalty and dedication. If you are looking to say friendship, then yellow flowers are definitely the way to go!

Pink says, “I admire you or I appreciate you.” Pink carnations would make a great gift for a mother. After all, Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about passionate love! Gladioli have become known for being associated with funerals, but they are actually symbols of remembrance and faithfulness. Pink hyacinths not only smell delightful, but can also say, “Hey, Valentine, I am feeling a little playful today!”

Orange is often used to signify passion and energy. Many roses come in shades of orange—and don’t forget the lilies and a few ranunculuses in their bright orange shade. If you are in love, why not express it passionately?

Lavender is used to express fascination or adoration. Stock and statice are used as fillers in bouquets and both come in shades of purple. These could be just another way to show the depths of your feelings.

Some flowers, like tulips, can be found in all these colors. A bouquet of fresh tulips is a good way to declare your love since they symbolize perfect love. Different colors and flowers might just be a nice addition to your Valentine’s bouquet of red roses depending on the message you are trying to convey. They don’t need to be expensive—a single red rose can be used to say, “I love you!” Maybe you have the flowers for your message in your own backyard! Now that you have a little insight into the language of flowers, enjoy giving them to those in your life.

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