Portrait of a Louisiana Fisherman

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At first glance Captain Randall Shaw of LA Fishing Charters looks exactly like what a fishing guide should look like. He stands tall with confidence, like a current that pushes the strongest waves to the shore, stalwart with purpose and passion that is impossible to overlook. As he welcomes anglers aboard, one can’t help but notice his eyes, brackish in color like the water he captains. His skin is speckled with sunspots that attest to his dedication. 

His professionalism is impressive as he demonstrates extraordinary knowledge of not only the water and the vessel that buoys his vocation, but also the fish and gear used to create an unforgettable experience. Fishing lines whistle in the wind as he embarks on a journey in search of scores of perfect redfish. He patiently teaches the perfect cast, seeking to improve each fisherman’s skill and catch. 

Whether it’s a few hours on the open water or an all-day redfish excursion idling through the swamp, Captain Shaw’s know-how is humbling and nothing short of mastery. His wit is intriguing, and he impresses with stories of his challenges, life lessons, and of his life now in a seemingly endless paradise – but not until after he eagerly listens to fellow mariners’ stories of what brought them to his side of the bayou. 

His simple invitation to behold the grandeur of the Louisiana landscape will make one quickly lose track of time. When the day dwindles to an end, Capitan Shaw takes his anglers to the dock as he displays his southern hospitality yet again by offering to clean, cut, and even freeze and ship the catch to his guests. He welcomes all to drink, dine and recapture the day with the captain at a neighboring establishment. In the end, he extends his hand for one last gesture to solidify a newfound friendship forged on the bayou. 



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