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It is often said that our homes should be our sanctuaries, and for Covington designer Patti Brondum and her husband Doug, it could not be more true. On a tree-shaded area of land on the north side of town, they have built their fourth home together as their respite from the hectic pace of daily life. 

Now that their daughter is grown, it’s just the couple and their two dogs in the house on a daily basis. They’ve been on the Northshore for more than twenty years working towards this milestone. Built just under five years ago, Patti considers this house a reflection of her signature style of interior design and an extension of her personality.  

As a life-long design enthusiast, her passion for homes and decorating is evident in her attention to detail in the home. Now, she and her daughter Courtney co-own the downtown Covington-based Southern Luxe Interiors, in sharp contrast from how she began her career.

“I was a hairdresser!” she laughs, “and I broke my wrist skiing and I couldn’t do that anymore. I had always dabbled in decorating and had helped friends with their homes over the years, and so I finally went for it.” 

The consistent mood of the home is something that is only achieved purposefully. Elegant wood flooring and cast stone mantels dress up the mix of textures that enrich the light color scheme. Patti’s hallmark approach to design is a neutral-toned mix of rustic warmth and contemporary lines—and this on-trend yet timeless mix flows throughout the entire home. Here, there are no mass-produced reproductions. The antiques are as authentic as the Old St. Louis bricks that grace the home—adding a patina that newer pieces only hope to represent. 


Antique European doors are hung on barn-door tracks, serving as a beautiful architectural focal point that welcomes you through the breezeway into the master suite. The privacy of the master bedroom, which is uniquely situated like an attached cottage to one side of the home, is one of her favorite features. It adds an old-fashioned charm that is hard to come by in newer homes, alluding to additions of more rooms over time. The New Orleans style courtyards that define the landscaping are filled with more traditional features of this region, such as slate tiles and water features highlighting tropical plantscapes.

Patti has always been a lover of churches and their architectural elements. Four old church windows are incorporated into the home along with her custom-designed doors, which are heavily influenced by cathedral-style entryways. The doormaker, Woodwright in Covington, was so enamored with the design that they are now available to order as part of their catalog. This custom touch provides distinctive character inside the residence, and adds a bit of personal flair with special meaning to the people who live there. 

Another inviting place in the home is the brick screened-in porch where they begin each day listening to the world awaken. “It’s my favorite place to sit and pray,” says Patti of the peaceful, cozy seating area that faces a stunning floor-to-ceiling fireplace. Like the interior of the home, this indoor/outdoor space is comfortably furnished and perfect for visiting with friends or enjoying a quiet moment alone. As a refuge from the outside world, this home is truly a luxurious and peaceful haven. 



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