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On Tuesday, May 7, Northshore Humane Society will participate in another GiveNOLA Day, a day that has raised over $250,000 for the no-kill, non-profit animal rescue and community veterinary clinic.

Hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, GiveNOLA Day is the community’s one-day, online giving event to inspire people to give generously to the nonprofit organizations that are making our region stronger.

Last year was Northshore Humane Society’s best year! Out of 700+ participating charities from across the state, NHS was among the top three in donations raised. Scott Bernier, CEO of NHS, stated, “GiveNOLA Day has become a significant fundraiser for our rescue having a direct, positive impact on our lifesaving work. We’re hoping for another successful year!”

Many dogs, like Winnie, come to Northshore Humane Society suffering from heartworm disease, a disease if left untreated is always fatal. The treatment is costly, but NHS makes sure every dog with the disease is cured and adopted heartworm free. Donations from GiveNOLA Day help to find lifesaving treatments for dogs just like Winnie. Bernier urges you to donate to your favorite charity on this day. Your donation on May 7th (midnight to midnight) will not only directly benefit the charity of your choice, but every dollar raised during that designated time will also be increased with additional “lagniappe” dollars.

Since 1953, Northshore Humane Society has been serving the community’s homeless, abandoned and neglected animals. The no-kill rescue saves over 1,000 lives each year, providing the best quality veterinary and compassionate care to each animal saved. Learn more at givenola.org.

For more information, contact the Northshore Humane Society at 985-892-7387 or visit northshorehumane.org.


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