Our Life of Connected Platforms

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You’re fighting rush hour traffic on your drive home from work while talking to your sister on your bluetooth device. Horns are honking, and you can hear your nine-year-old niece in your sister’s backseat begging for her iPhone 6 Plus. Next thing you know, your sister tells you she must go as she tries desperately to maintain some semblance of sanity.

You hang up and catch a glimpse of your Fitbit, then realize you’re late to your monthly board meeting. Your goal of 10,000 steps today quickly dissipates. Great, you think to yourself. Before a moment’s pause, your phone chirps with a banner notification…it reads: “Are your feet sore? That’s because yesterday’s run made it time for new shoes.” Sound familiar? Welcome to our life of connected platforms.

We’ve  entered an era of device communication and wearable technology. It’s not just recording your run, but it’s also recording how many calories you burned, which shares the info with your diet app, which links to your Facebook page, all while simultaneously tracking the wear and tear on the shoes you bought just four months ago.

Connected platforms are emerging every day for our convenience as businesses appeal to the consumer on-the-go. Pizza Hut has shoes that can order pizza at the push of a button from your couch! UA Record by Under Armour lets users track sleep, exercise, share activity with friends and even receive live updates on the workouts of your favorite professional athletes. The list goes on and on.

Studies show people spend nearly three hours per day on their smartphones or tablet device and brands are pouncing at the chance to provide vital information up front with details to follow. We seek convenience while brands see a window of opportunity to reach more consumers. Believe us, it’s only the beginning.

Chris Herting is a Digital and Social Media Specialist at Gallinghouse Marketing + Creative. He has experience delivering innovative digital solutions for hundreds of brands, including the NFL’s Washington Redskins. Gallinghouse is located at 409 W. 21st Ave., Covington. For more information, call 985-893-7631 or visit gallinghouse.com.


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