New Beginnings


JANUARY ALWAYS REMINDS us that an ending brings a new beginning. What a special gift that can be for each of us!! A new beginning means we can change our hair color, redecorate the house, lose some weight or gain some, go back to school—okay, you get the point. It can mean change, no matter how big or small, for anyone willing to participate.

Let’s take that gift to the garden and see what we can do with it! Start by taking a nice stroll around the yard. Are you utilizing the space you have to the fullest extent? Having a garden that truly delights all your senses doesn’t just have to do with the living things we place there. Maybe it’s time for a new deck or a bigger patio. Perhaps you acquired some extra cash and now have enough to build that pool or water feature you always wanted. Your space could be extended by simply adding some pavers or a walkway into an underutilized space in the back corner of the yard.

Whatever you find, January is an ideal time to get the plans on paper and line up the help to get the job done. Next, look for areas you can add new plants. Did you lose any perennials last year? Maybe some new border plants would help fill in the gaps under bushes that have grown taller. Fences always get a face lift when you add flowering vines to climb on them. Jasmine and climbing roses can be put in right after Mardi Gras.

If you have any large sunny spots that never do well in the summer annual garden, think about starting an herb garden there. Look online for pictures and ideas to get that going. Not only will the herbs love the sun, you will love their fresh taste in your summer gourmet salads! Planting a new tree every year is a great way to start a tradition that will help the environment and create family memories.

Pines are easy to do in our area but always remember the size the tree can grow into. Maples come in beautiful varieties that stay small and provide the most glorious fall color. All the family can get involved in this project and be happy to watch the little tree grow into maturity. Here on the Northshore, winter is short and sweet. The warm days, when outdoor activities are the most enjoyable, are just weeks away.

Don’t delay—make a new beginning in the garden your first project every year. When the outdoors becomes a living place enjoyed by you, your friends and family, that will be a time you happily remember your best new beginning. Happy 2017!!

Email your gardening questions and comments to Lisa at shakeslyons@aol.com.


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