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A Legacy of Service and Commitment

“I have a relationship with that building in Baton Rouge,” says Reid Falconer of the State Capitol. “I grew up close by and thought it was so impressive, it inspired me to become an architect. My grandparents had never been to the observation deck, so I brought them up there when I was sixteen. Even my quiet grandfather exclaimed at the view. I courted my wife on those grounds and had sack lunches while studying for my licensing exam. Every time I walk into the Capitol it’s an honor and privilege – I’m still awed by the whole experience.”  

Falconer’s family goes back eight generations in Louisiana with one ancestor foreshadowing Reid’s current position. Captain Charles Morgan served in the state legislature back in 1846. As State Representative for District 89, which covers the Mandeville area, Falconer has become reacquainted with his hometown. “It’s been fun to go back and see family and friends in Baton Rouge. My Dad played basketball with Bob Petit, knew the great LSU athletes of the 50s and 60s and became a director of the local YMCA. I always knew he was a genuinely good man but now when people realize I’m Ramsay’s son and tell me how he changed their lives, well, it’s a precious experience for me.”


After earning his architecture degree, Falconer went on to earn an MBA and a MS in Finance—all from LSU. “I’ve always had a math brain and found finance interesting. I began a job with Sizeler Realty where Sidney Lassen taught me everything I know­—not everything he knew, but everything I know,” laughs Falconer. “He was a brilliant real estate guy. We worked on the mall in Slidell, negotiated land contracts, surveyed, and did the environmental work to get final approval.” 

Early in his career, the budding businessman moved his family to St. Tammany Parish. “I was just drawn to it. We just had our first child, took a trip over here and fell in love with the place. It made sense for the quality of life and the school system, and then we found St. Timothy United Methodist Church. It was just a great environment.” 

Ten years later, Covington became home to his own firm when Falconer partnered with Michael Kritz, a broker with whom he had a relationship. “Our first big project was the St. Tammany Oaks shopping center. Because we were from here, we felt it important to preserve the oaks from when Louis Prima lived there, and we still continue to keep them up.” Falconer says the whole process of delivering projects inspired him to enter politics. “Daily, the construction industry is engaged with zoning commissions, subdivision boards and permit offices. I saw a need for individuals who knew the process from the other side. I participated in the Institute of Politics at Loyola, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of friends. Peggy and Evans Spiceland had been on the political scene here for a while and they were a great help to me.”

On winning his first election for parish council, Falconer says, “Victory is sweet, but it’s also humbling that voters entrust me with representing them.” During his two terms on the council he cites his biggest accomplishment as completely rewriting the comprehensive zoning plan. “It was 30 years old and needed expanding. I added professional expertise into that process, and it turned out very well. My job was to deliver infrastructure projects, and I was able to do that. When Tim Burns termed out, I decided to run for his seat in the legislature. Once I won that seat, I was able to secure state funding for a project in Riverwood that I initiated while on the council.”  

Falconer says he is now ready to take his next step and run for State Senator of District 11. “My wife is a social worker, so she helps me understand the importance of and issues related to mental health. I was able to sponsor and pass the Louisiana Suicide Prevention Act while in the House and I can accomplish important initiatives like that working in the Senate. There are opportunities to make significant infrastructure improvements to drainage and highways at the state level. I also served on the education committee in the House. I’ve immersed myself in those issues and have visited many of the public and parochial schools in western St. Tammany. The need in Louisiana education is great including raising teachers’ pay, so I want to serve in the Senate to focus on that also.”

Family is woven through any topic Falconer discusses. He speaks with pride of his son, Drew, who is a neurologist doing important research at Inova in Arlington, Virginia. His daughter is following in his footsteps and works for Keller Williams. And of his wife, he says, “We’ll be married 40 years next March. I would not be in public office if not for her support. She’s a great judge of people and her input is invaluable to me. She’s my best friend.”

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