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JOE’S FAMILY SHOE STORE began over 45 years ago in 1971 when Joe Piediscalzo opened his first store. Since then, the store has become a family operation in every sense of the word from being family owned to treating the customers as family.

The true “sit and fit” store’s motto is, “Price, Service, Quality, Selection.” Priding themselves on customer service and a wide variety of shoes, Joe’s Family Shoe Store can fit the youngest of the family to the oldest. The store is stocked with high-quality shoes made in several countries all over the world.

With that large selection, Joe’s Family Shoe Store strives to measure every foot that comes through the door and find the perfect fit for their customer. This personal service is what makes the store unique, along with the expertise in shoes that comes with so many years in the business.

From kids’ shoes, to fashionable pumps, to work boots—men, women and children can find the perfect pair of shoes at Joe’s Family Shoe Store.

Joe’s Family Shoe Store is located at 1814 North Causeway Blvd., Mandeville. For more information, call 985-626-5633, or visit joesfamilyshoes.com.



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