Help Ease Dog Days of Summer

Summer is a time for vacations, afternoons by the pool and weekends at the water park! While you and your loved ones gather for vacation this summer, please take a moment to remember the many animals at the Northshore Humane Society shelter that are not so fortunate. 

Unlike newer facilities, our dog kennels were built with indoor and outdoor runs, separated by open doggie doors. Even with constant upkeep on our main AC systems and several commercial fans running 24/7, the dog kennels never reach a comfortable temperature. The summer heat is always a struggle here at NHS, especially for dogs like Scruffy. 

Scruffy, as his name suggests, is a large breed mix with a double, long-haired coat. Scruffy is also 13 years old and has called our shelter his home for almost two years. This innocent senior pup has spent two summers in the uncomfortable heat here. He, like all our homeless dogs, deserves a cool, air-conditioned home where he can enjoy the last few years he may have left.

Scruffy is just one of many large breed mixes who is temporarily calling our shelter his home. Even if you are unable to adopt, you can still help by making a donation today. With your support, we can ensure Scruffy and shelter dogs like Scruffy are safe and as comfortable as possible while searching for their forever home.

For more information on adoptions or our programs, contact the Northshore Humane Society at 985-892-7387 or visit northshorehumane.org.


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