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EARLY IN HER CAREER, Dr. Florane became a Chiropractic Physician and received advanced training to become a Certified Neuro-laserologist.  As a leader in the industry, in 2002 she became the first in Louisiana to incorporate newly FDA approved Low-Level Laser therapy into her practice, and ran the largest laser facility in the United States. Additionally, she customized medical exercise therapy programs for her patients utilizing a 6,000-square-foot strength training facility within her practice.

Dr. Florane is an exceptionally accomplished medical professional. She received one of only 15 positions and completed 200 hours in a Boarded Diplomat program for Chiropractic Radiologists. She also worked as a facility Radiologist Resident at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. Florane has held license to practice in both the United States and Quebec Province of Canada. Independently, she has held license to practice in the states of Louisiana, Iowa, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. Dr. Florane has had great success in providing Integrative Functional Therapies over the last 22 years.

In 2003 and 2004, Dr. Florane was featured in New Orleans Magazine “Top Doctors” and is the only chiropractor to have been profiled as an alternative therapy option to orthopedics and neurologists. In 2006, she was recognized and was nominated by the International Health Professionals of the year. Additionally, she was awarded one of “America’s Top Chiropractic Physicians” by The Consumers Research Council of America.

Dr. Florane is a native of New Orleans and was raised in Chalmette, Louisiana. She credits her parents for her entire career choice and thirst for knowledge. She is one of three daughters, and has an identical twin sister. Dr. Florane is single and the mother of Christian Florane, whom she believes is her greatest accomplishment!

Dr. Florane is a native of New Orleans and was raised in Chalmette, Louisiana. She credits her parents for her entire career choice and thirst for knowledge. She is one of three daughters, and has an identical twin sister. Dr. Florane is single and the mother of Christian Florane, whom she believes is her greatest accomplishment!

Close to Home

In 2008, at the height of her career, a close family member suffered a significant closed head and neck spinal injury. The patient started experiencing the typical behavioral changes that are associated with head injuries. In spite of all her knowledge and experience, she found herself at a loss to care for her own.

With a constant thirst for knowledge, Dr. Florane enrolled in a 300-hour Certified Diplomat program at the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders (ACACD) in 2010. One of the few internationally recognized, multidisciplinary Boarded Diplomat programs available. In the, fall of 2011, she completed her internship at Concept House, which is a residential mental health rehab facility, both of which are located in Miami, Florida. Dr. Florane now holds the degree of Certified Addictionologist, is the only ACACD Diplomat in the state of Louisiana and number 78 in North America. She is recognized as a court expert in Addiction Medicine, and works with the juridical court system. ACACD Diplomats are involved in private practice throughout the country, along with over 18,000 private addiction treatment programs in the US and Canada.


A New Approach

As of January 2015, Dr. Florane is proud to announce the opening of her new office location at Fairway Centre Office Park, next to the newly opened Lakeview Regional Medical Center Behavioral Health Facility. Her practice offers treatment programs for a wide range of mental health disorders, which are all based on the Reward Cascade System of the central nervous system. Therapies include: ADD/ADHD, addictions, anti-social behavior, anxiety, aggression, autism, depression, eating disorders, obsessive/compulsive behaviors including but not limited to gambling and multi-media addictions, risk taking behavior, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and sleep disorders.

In addition to her training, Dr. Florane further developed and utilizes an exclusive four-pronged approach in her treatment protocols. Until now, the treatment of mental health conditions has been dependent on “active” participation of the patient through counseling programs. Through evidence-based research, a “passive” mental health therapy has been developed. “This is a type of physical therapy to the brain that has never been seen before. The patient doesn’t interact during the therapy process, but instead can rest. This is not a replacement therapy, but quite possibly the missing link needed to facilitate the counseling experience,” says Dr. Florane.

Neuroplasticity retraining of the brain is based upon National Institute of Drug Abuse information and guidelines. It takes 30 days to learn new behaviors, 60 days to consciously be able to make change and 90 days to have unconscious behavior change established. Upon completion of a 90-day program, the Psychiatrist or other treating medical doctor will often significantly reduce the patient’s prescription medication.

All customized protocols are based on evaluations utilizing standardized psychological question tests, lab analysis to include urine and saliva test, and physical therapy. Lab analysis helps identify neurotransmitter deficiencies, which include but are not limited to dopamine, GABA, Serotonin Glycine, Norepinephrine and Epinephrine.

Dr. Florane’s approach is holistic in nature. The central nervous system is highly integrated and all systems must be treated concurrently in treating Reward Cascade Deficiencies in behavioral health. Physical therapies include: trans-cranial micro-current auricular therapy based on somotrophic mapping, laser therapy to the central nervous system, pre-synaptic amino acid neurotransmitter therapy and stimulation of Limbic system via spinal manipulation of the thoracic region. Therapies are used to recalibrate the abnormal tonal vibration of the brain and brain wave disregualtion patterns. Dysautonomia is another medical condition within the autonomic system of the spinal cord, which medical lasers can assist in regulation. Once Neuroplasticity of the brain is retrained, neurotransmitter production is enhanced allowing for a greater sense of wellbeing and optimal mental function, therefore reducing abnormal behaviors.

For more information on Florane Functional Neuroscience, you can call 985-273-7912 or visit Dr. Florane’s office located in Fairway Centre Office Park, 5001 Highway 190, Unit D–3 in Covington.

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