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If the men in your life are looking for a unique experience this year, there’s a hot, new trend to consider. Possibly inspired by the likes of Downton Abbey or maybe an answer to ‘Girls’ Night Out,’ gents are gathering to celebrate camaraderie and the finer things in life with an event that amounts to ‘Men’s Night In.’

Spirits and cigar lovers from novices to connoisseurs are learning more about the objects of their affection through parties hosted by experts. The scope can range from a simple tasting, to a beer and tapas combo, to a multi-course dinner accompanied by wine pairings and finished off with a fine smoking experience.

The Court of Master Sommeliers offers a rigorous training program for wine experts in which local geologist Blake DeBrock is Level 2 certified. He considers himself a traveling wine educator and says these events are quite popular. “I have a group of men who ask me to set up parties in their homes regularly, so we’re able to do something different every time. We establish a theme that could center around a region, a varietal, or seasonal food and I create the menu and the pairings. At dinner I pour and describe the wine in a fun, casual way. I’ve even set up the room to look like a different part of the world so they feel transported to the theme country for the whole experience.”

If clients choose, cigar samplings can be added to the festivities with explanations on how they’re made, how to choose and cut them, and how to truly savor them rather than just blowing smoke. DeBrock’s picks for Father’s Day: Sabine Rose Syrah-Grenache and fish tacos with all the toppings. The wine’s citrus notes will go well with the cilantro and lime garnish. End the evening with the crowd-pleasing balance of a Padron cigar.

Read on for inspiration on how to create the perfect setting for a wine and cigar dinner or other man-centric activities. 



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