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Strong Roots

Our roots say a lot about us. For Bailey Metrejean, colorfully flourishing in her beauty business stems from the strong foundation provided by her parents and her sister/best friend, Saige. As a child, Bailey excelled in her first creative endeavor with Northshore Academy of Dance, where she went on to teach hip-hop until having her first baby. Those experiences taught discipline, dedication and the joy that comes from doing something you love. While dance was her first love, gifting beauty and confidence through styling hair is her passion. “I want to help change the industry. I’m pushing for hair stylists to become hair artists,” she smiles enthusiastically, “reflecting the respect for creativity and skill that other artists get.” Bailey has earned her own respect, having won The Northshore’s Best 2017, 2018, & 2019. 

The young entrepreneur recalls when beauty school was not highly regarded. “I was fascinated by salons early on, especially hair color. I watched everything and learned. When I graduated from Fontainebleau in 2010, I was doing friends’ hair for prom and parties, and my current hair stylist encouraged me to follow my dreams.” With the support of her family and friends, Bailey attended Paul Mitchell in Baton Rouge, finished ahead of schedule, and earned Student of the Year for her dedication and mastery of color. “Color is more complicated than it looks. There’s a science behind it along with the creative process, and I’m just totally into it.”

Colorful Vision

After attending school in Baton Rouge, Bailey would return to her Northshore roots, but not without challenges. “My first job in a salon was as an assistant/shampoo girl. The long hours were stressful, and I saw clients at home afterwards to continue building my clientele, but I learned a lot.” During this time, she also met her future husband, Aaron.  So, before turning 22, her life’s path exemplified the valued words of her mother – Let go, let God. “I’m not very patient, so those words have become my life motto,” says Bailey humbly. “They’re tattooed on my arm in my mother’s handwriting. They help during difficult times like now when we’ve had so many delays moving to our new location. I thought we’d be in by now, but I know from experience that God has a plan, and I just need to go with it.”

Aaron and Bailey wed in 2015 and after starting their family with two cherished puppies, Hartley and Louie, they added their boys, Ezra and Jude. “My boys push me every day to be the best version of myself. Aaron is my rock and supports every dream I’ve ever had. He is willing and ready to do anything to help me succeed. When I opened The Beauty Bar in 2017, it really was a dream come true.” Along with elevating the respect of her profession, Bailey says she’s also determined to create an environment where she and her team can do their magic with energy and enthusiasm. “Being a mom is the best gift in the world, but it was a difficult transition. At first, I thought ‘Oh no, now I love this other part of my life. How can I balance this?’ But I learned how to make it work, which is still not always easy. Owning a business and being a mom can have its challenges, but I wouldn’t trade either for anything.” Bailey says one key to her success was growing her team slowly. “I take my time while hiring, making sure each artist shares our values and morals. Our relationships are strong and healthy because we consider each other family. Each member of my team plays a valuable role in our success, I couldn’t feel more blessed to have them.” Although her team grew slowly, the salons clientele grew rapidly.

Let Go, Let God

To truly impact the industry, Bailey believes it’s important to share her model of success. She’s created a vigorous apprenticeship program for students to not just work, but also to learn. It’s hands-on education that’s challenging, but very rewarding. “Watching stylists begin as assistants then grow into artists booked several weeks out is just amazing.”  In 2020, Bailey became certified in Natural Beaded Rows luxury hair extensions. Always pushing herself, Bailey is continuing her education in The Academy. “By the end of the program you’re considered an expert and become licensed in the method. This program is just as much about business as it is about the extension application, and that’s a game changer for me.”

On moving into her new space, which she designed with the help of her mom, she says, “It’s earthy but bright and edgy – laid back luxury to make customers feel comfortable and pampered. Business is booming, so I envision opening more locations in the future. I want to grow our family too, I just love being a mom.” No matter what challenges each day present, through her foundation rooted in faith and family, Bailey Metrejean has found happiness by letting go and letting God. Strong and accomplished for her years, she is a sweet and shining example to her students, her staff, her clients and her family with much inspiration and beauty to give all.

The Beauty Bar by Bailey Metrejean is located at 1291 N. Causeway Boulevard in Mandeville. For more information, call 985-951-2199 or visit beautybarbybailey.com.
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