Dr. Katie Kimble Wonch, Optometrist: More Than Meets the Eye

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APPROXIMATELY 75% OF the American population uses some sort of vision correction. So while glasses and contacts are the norm, the depth of knowledge and services offered by Dr. Katie Wonch are not commonly seen.

Dr. Katie’s practice, Infinite Vision, and her highly qualified and trained staff, has grown to provide care with the use of high-tech equipment to individuals of all ages dealing with but not limited to issues ranging from binocular vision disorders and balance problems, to vision-related learning problems and brain injury/concussion recovery.

Vision Therapy for all ages is what Infinite Vision does best. A new addition to the practice is sports vision training in tandem with Limitless Performance Training. Vision plays a key role for any athlete that participates in a complex skill level sport. With vision training, athletes will accumulate additional information that correlates to their ability to react to a continuously changing environment and avoid injury-causing collisions. Athletes with vision training have an 80% reduction in concussion rates according to recent studies at University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Katie uses the Senaptec Sensory Station to evaluate and train athletes. The Senaptec Sensory Station is a state-of-the-art sensory evaluation and training device designed to assess the visual and sensory performance of the modern athlete. Each athlete is tested on ten sport related visual and sensory performance skills. Dr. Katie then uses the Senaptec Sensory Performance Report which identifies areas for improvement to recommend a course of action for a personalized training program.

The Senaptec Sensory Station is currently implemented in training programs within the MLB, NFL, Olympics, College Basketball and many other professional sports training programs. “I wanted to offer the Northshore superior quality sports vision training to local athletes. Partnering with Limitless Performance Training has allowed me to train athletes in a professional athletic environment.”

Dr. Katie Kimble Wonch’s Infinite Vision practice is located at 3545 Hwy. 190 in Mandeville. For more information call 985-626-5569 or visit getinfinitevision.com.



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