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Colorful Plants That Stand The Heat!

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Want colorful plants that can stand the heat? Undeterred by the searing summers, here are top 10 warm-season plants that can be grown now. Plus, it’s a fun learning activity to keep kids occupied and engaged before school resumes. Undeterred by the searing heat of summer, here are top 10 warm-season plants that can be grown now.

1. Sunflowers: direct sow seeds in prepared beds that receive 6 hours or more of sun; thinning produces large blooms while planting close together makes smaller flowers for floral arrangements or bouquets.

2. Marigolds: plant in a sunny location; choose colors ranging from creamy yellows to reddish-orange; great in containers or in the garden.

3. Lantana: isn’t particular about sun or soil types; several varieties available and frequented by pollinators.

4. Gaillardia: unfazed by heavy heat and abundant sun; this native species is easily grown in containers or beds with well-drained soil.

5. Zinnia: grow in containers or direct sow in beds of nearly any soil type and full sun; abundant flowers in all colors.

6. Salvia: a variety of colors; can be grown in containers or beds in a sunny location.

7. Coleus: variegated green, pink or white leaves in sun or shade; produces tiny flowers visited by pollinators. 

8. Ginger: another plant grown for its colorful leaves and flowers; these easy tropical plants grow happily in deep shade to sunny locations and most are perennial.

9. Begonia: non-fussy and effortless; grows in 2-6 hours of sun and moderate soil.

10. Oxalis: also known as a shamrock plant; 2-4 hours of morning sun; gentle trails in a container or hanging basket.

Sit back and enjoy your colorful plants that can stand the heat as they grow and bloom.

Bonus! Pumpkin seeds planted now will be ready for an early October harvest, just in time for Halloween.

It’s amazing how much energy is stored inside a small, unassuming seed. Or if you want a jump-start, the above are available in cell packs and 4” pots as easy transplants. Happy Growing!

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