Biomed Plus: Service in the Spirit of Excellence

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SINCE 2002, BIOMED PLUS has been providing doctors, dentists, veterinarians and health professionals of all kinds with quality medical equipment sales and service.

According to owner James Blount, “I think this industry goes fairly unnoticed in a lot of ways. I believe it is truly one of the most essential parts of the healthcare industry, though. Healthcare professionals’ primary focus should always be on their patients’ care. If the equipment they are using doesn’t work properly, they are distracted from that focus. Our team ensures that equipment is calibrated and functioning according to manufacturer’s specifications and meets regulatory agency standards for safety. Therefore, healthcare professionals can devote their attention to patient care. Our standard is to treat each device as if the next person it is used on will be one of our own family members. Hence our motto: ‘Service in the Spirit of Excellence.’”

Biomed Plus has partnerships with manufacturers, distributors and refurbishing companies across the country to provide and source the right solution for customers’ equipment needs. “Whether new or refurbished, we accommodate any budget to provide the best equipment to match our customers’ requirements ranging from outfitting entire clinics or surgery centers to specialized equipment such as ultrasound machines, patient monitors, autoclaves, EKG devices, stress systems, vital sign monitors, scales and much more. With every purchase, we install the equipment and train the staff on how to use their new device. This allows staff and technicians to properly operate equipment and provide better patient care.”

Biomed Plus developed its own web-based equipment management software custom-built to their requirements. This allows them to track equipment history and maintain inspection schedules to meet all accreditation agency requirements. Best of all, their customers can log in, view their equipment inventory, submit work orders and track the repair process.

Unfortunately, sometimes equipment failures occur. When repairs are needed, Biomed Plus restores to like-new condition as much as possible. Older models can be a challenge as manufacturers discontinue equipment and parts are no longer available. Their national network, in conjunction with a warehouse of obsolete equipment, aptly titled “the boneyard,” allows them to repair devices that might otherwise have to be replaced. So instead of discarding broken or unused devices, customers can depend on reputable repairs thus saving money.

With pride, James stands behind the company’s motto “service in the spirit of excellence”—and they mean it. The company’s primary goal is to ultimately serve their customers with integrity and complete satisfaction. With more than 27 years of experience in the industry, customers can expect the highest level of professionalism to properly inspect, test and repair equipment backed with quality assurance.



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